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Crystal Anne / Indianapolis Colts

Whatís your favorite tradition that you and your CC sisters do every year?
My favorite tradition over the years has been circling up before every game and saying a prayer. We wish each other the best of luck and to reflect. When weíve worked so hard in and out of practices and the unexpected curves balls of life come at us, we are thankful that hard work is about to pay off on the sidelines.

How did you find out you were our cover girl for this yearís Colts Cheerleader Calendar? What was that moment like?

I found out I was this yearís cover girl at end of practice. It was the night before our Calendar Release Party, and we sat together as a squad as our coach reveal each cheerleaderís calendar image in poster size! We were all so anxious to see everyoneís pictures! Everyone looks so good, and thatís not an understatement! At the very end, our coach pulled out a brown box filled with calendars, and the calendar had me on the cover! Ahhh! It was one of the most exciting, unexpected surprises ever! I definitely cried, tears of joy came from my eyes, and I still couldnít believe it was me! Every girl on the squad, without a doubt, is cover girl worthy, and it is such a privilege and honor to be the one chosen. I still donít know why, but Iím absolutely thankful and blessed for this unforgettable opportunity. This is something that I can reflect back on once Iím retired from cheerleading. If you havenít already bought your calendar yet, this is a great time to purchase one!

What does Monday Night Football mean to you and the return of it to Indianapolis this coming week?

Not only is Monday Night Football important, but itís even more special because it is the start of our home season games! Monday Night Football means that there is only one game playing this day, in the nation, and all eyes are on this game in Indianapolis - extra coverage from media, radio stations, in-depth analysis of our organization, our city, and we all want to represent this organization well. This game is also so exciting because all of our rookies are able to cheer on the field with us; therefore, all 28 of us will be on the field! The opportunity of everyone dancing next to each other doesnít happen often, and this is one of those special occasions where we get to stand next to each other on the sidelines.

Special thanks to my family, friends, and God for helping me make it this far in my career. I could not have done it without them. Great thanks to the Indianapolis Colts organization and to my fans! I canít wait to experience this season in full-effect with the start of our first home game, Monday Night Football, ahead! Be sure to follow and tweet me @CrystalAnne_CC to stay up to date with the Colts Cheerleaders and until next time, Go Colts!

Oct 14, 30, 2014

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